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We consciously design handcrafted Italian Uain and it’s f***ing 'buono'

We have a dream

…to bring a "naturally good" artisanal wine to your home: sustainable & practical, for everyday use, without ever wasting a drop.

That's how we pursue it

We therefore created a locally sourced nectar, squeezed wisely and ethically by conscious hands, to maintain an authentic taste, truthful to the soil it’s born from. It’s designed to be produced, transported and consumed in the most ecological way, packaged in a sexy, environmental friendly bag, that will keep the flavor unaltered and extend its shelf-life, reducing waste.

You can choose to drink one glass a day or drain it all in one go, old sponge!!

That’s uain

Uain is simply the best Italian wine in a bag you will ever taste:
Bere per credere!

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