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From our farms, through our design to your table

As green as possible

Our entire production cycle is designed in an ethical and conscious way, with one thing in mind: to respect the environment. From the cultivation and processing of grapes, through the packaging, storage and transport, up to the wine, which we can't wait to put on your tables.

Preserving our roots

We work with producers who preserve the diversity and natural cycles of the vine by limiting the use of chemical and technological agents in the field and in the cellar. Our wines are an authentic expression of the place where they were born.

Innovating our tradition

We have chosen a package that guarantees better conservation and allows to enjoy the wine to the very last drop, without risking to have to throw it away after a couple of days or being forced to consume it all during one meal.

/ 01 Why siamo green?

No wine waste

Wine can be poured from a tap whenever you want and in the desired quantity. An anti-waste packaging.You can drink less than a glass a day without compromising the quality of the wine.

/ 02 Why siamo green?

Less plastic, no box

We removed all unnecessary plastic, layers and colors from our wine bag, keeping it to the minimum, in order to reduce the packaging impact as much as possible. The paper box of the classic and most common ‘bag-in-box’ was completely removed, making it easier to dispose Uain after it’s finished and minimizing the quantity of materials involved in the packaging.

/ 03 Why siamo green?

Light and unbreakable

Uain is really light compared to a wine bottle, even though it contains 2 l of liquid. Its light weight allows to reduce the carbon footprint during transportation, storage and shipping and makes it very practical.The flexible packaging limits the possibility of breakage, saving wine and unnecessary glass waste.

/ 04 Why siamo green?

Low carbon footprint

Low carbon footprint during the production process of the bags (80% less than a 75 cl glass bottle), transportation, storage and wine production itself.

/ 05 Why siamo green?

Logistic optimization

The pouch bag is supplied flattened to maximize warehouse space and can be easily stocked.
ISO 14000 certified plants

/ 06 Why siamo green?


The pouch bag stores the wine without oxygen, allowing it to last longer and preserving its quality and flavor for up to 30 days after opening, and guaranteeing 1 year of shelf life.

/ 07 Why siamo green?

Easy to dispose and recycle

We designed Uain to be easy to dispose and recycle.

/ 08 Why siamo green?

Conscious production

Our wine is produced consciously and ethically by local farmers in vineyards that are managed with love and care, following the tradition and integrating innovation just to control the quality and its level of pureness. We prefer to work with small producers instead of big companies, in order to be able to deliver their passion, transferred into the wine, onto your tables, supporting handcrafted methods which are slowly disappearing in Italy.

/ 09 Why siamo green?


Our wine is as natural as possible (…)

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