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What the hell è Uain?

A new generation of Italian handcrafted wines, designed for the conscious citizen like you, looking for authenticity and a long-lasting taste from the first to the last sip.

30 days of long-lasting taste

Stop worrying about your wine going bad. Uain preserves the taste of the wine up to 30 days after you have poured the first glass.

How? Thanks to its packaging which maintains the organoleptic properties longer than a traditional bottle.

Try to believe!

Our valori

100% made in Italy Handcrafted Long-lasting Damn sexy Practical Sustainable Natural High-quality Innovative

Occhio! People talk!

“I saw the beautiful photos on Instagram and immediately purchased UAIN on pre-order.
Can't wait for it to arrive!!!”
Giulia Barbuto - 27 anni
“Fast and functional site. Well done!
Now let's test the product :)”
Giuseppe Gaggero - 56 anni
“Fantastic customer service!!!
Andrea was super helpful, gave me all the information on how the pre-order works.
Thank you!”
Luca Ventrella - 34 anni
“I asked about how the wines are made and they are also very knowledgeable from a technical point of view. All that remains is to taste!”
Giovanni Pastorino - 41 anni
“I was enraptured by the IG page. I absolutely love their style.
It's my first pre-order, let's hope it goes well.”
Serena Patrone
“I found the information and articles in their blog very interesting and well written. I will continue to follow them!”
Alessandro Gianelli
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